Psychotherapy Consultation

Psychotherapy Consultation

Help for therapists: Consultation so you and your patients can thrive.

I've been practicing as a psychologist for more than twenty-five years, and I'm grateful to have received expert help, support, and consultation along the way.

One thing I learned early on is that the more good therapists there are, the stronger our communities are, and that helps us all.

I strongly believe all psychotherapists should make consultation with colleagues a routine part of their practice, throughout their careers. It helps keep the “instrument” in tune. (I also believe we need to engage in our own personal therapy, for much the same reason.)

To that end, I offer consultation in three main areas:

  • clinical insight for your work with patients
  • keeping you in tune as the instrument of psychotherapy
  • guiding and advising you with building and running a fulfilling therapy practice

We can meet once, occasionally, or on a regular basis, depending on your needs.

Some of the issues I work with in consultation:

  • Working through impasses in therapy
  • Having a full practice without burnout
  • Resolving boundary issues
  • Improving therapist self-care
  • Becoming a more effective therapist
  • Starting your practice, or making your current practice more solid
  • Integrating neuroscience into psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness as a tool for the therapist, and for therapy

Need some help? We all do, at least from time to time. Let’s see if we might be a good fit for moving your psychotherapy skills and your practice up to the next level. I’d be honored to help.

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Marsha Lucas, PhD – Psychologist
1350 Connecticut Ave NW, at Dupont Circle
Washington DC 20036
(202) 331-3318