Online Therapy • Meeting Virtually

Online Therapy • Meeting Virtually •

"Virtual" psychotherapy with an experienced psychologist can help with isolation, stress, and anxiety in response to our current uncertain times.

Our lives have changed, and things will no doubt continue to shift, because of this very serious public health emergency with the spread of the coronavirus.

As individuals, a community, and a society, there is much that we can do to blunt the curve of infection, thereby reducing the risk that our health care system will be overwhelmed and keeping our loved ones and community safe. As we move through this, social distancing, isolation, sheltering in place, self-quarantine, and shutdowns might be part of our lives for as-yet unclear durations.

As a psychologist and neuropsychologist, I am deeply aware that we can best maintain optimism, emotional well-being, a sense of purpose and meaning, and even the strength of our immune system through connection and community, giving and receiving, and communicating meaningfully with others.

We're all truly in this together, but we're also isolated, stressed, and anxious in ways that many of us have never experienced before. I have decades of experience to help you during this "novel," changing, and evolving challenge.

Online video psychotherapy sessions with HIPAA privacy

Having a skilled, experienced psychologist to work with can be a port in a storm, a place to re-ground, to learn new ways to face these evolving challenges, and to find your way through with greater emotional and physical health and resilience.

As we're moving through this, I'm meeting with patients virtually, using the HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom, using high-definition video. It's easy to use, reliable, and protected. You can use your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

Getting started now allows you to have the support and therapeutic connection while running this "marathon." When we're able, we can shift to in-person sessions.

Teletherapy (also called online therapy, video therapy, remote therapy, virtual psychotherapy, etc.) is commonly covered by health insurance the same as in-person psychotherapy.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about starting online psychotherapy with me.

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Marsha Lucas, PhD - Psychologist
1350 Connecticut Ave NW,
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Washington, DC 20036
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Licensed in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia

I am also approved to provide Telepsychology in all U.S. states that are part of PSYPACT. Currently, that includes the following states:

Alabama • Arizona • Arkansas • Colorado • Delaware • District of Columbia • Georgia • Idaho • Illinois • Indiana • Kansas • Kentucky • Maine • Maryland • Minnesota • Missouri • Nebraska • Nevada • New Hampshire • New Jersey • North Carolina • Ohio • Oklahoma • Pennsylvania • Tennessee • Texas • Utah • Virginia • Washington • West Virginia • Wisconsin